Supporting the Mental Health of Athletes: Coaches Training


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Do you know how to recognize symptoms of mental illness among the student athletes you coach? Most coaches recognize when a student athlete’s performance declines, or a sports injury occurs, maybe even when their academics suffer, all of which are potential indications of mental health issues. But do you know how to watch for and recognize changes in sleeping and eating patterns, rapid weight gain or loss, social isolating, uncharacteristic anger, and mood swings? These are the sorts of things you will learn in this program. Our goal is to help you add Tools and Resources to support not only your athletes, but anyone in the community.

The Supporting the Mental Health of Athletes program grew out of an interest expressed by St. Clair County coaches just like you in learning how to better understand and respond to mental health challenges among their student-athletes.

Supporting the Mental Health of Athletes Program

  • Free on location face to face or community training for coaches staff
  • Access to Coaches Video Library that includes a multitude of self paced videos on a variety of mental health and wellness topics
  • Access to Coaches Resource Library – a collective of helpful tools and resources for coaches and the community
  • Athlete Surveys to assist in expanding understanding of your athletes to help better support them in many aspects of their lives

Coaches Resource Library