It is our pleasure to provide you with an electronic version of the CMH Board Orientation Manual. This electronic version of your Orientation Manual is intended to do away with those thick binders while keeping the information more readily accessible and up-to-date for you. The manual will continue to provide a general overview of the St. Clair County Community Mental Health system, Board member responsibilities, Board approved policies / statements and legal documents. In addition, you will always have a current Board Meeting Schedule and contact roster at your finger tips! If you need assistance in navigating the website or wish a printout of a document, contact Lori at (810) 966-7876. Thank you for your time, efforts and wisdom in making an important contribution to our Board.


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Debra B. Johnson Executive Director

Board Orientation Manual

Board Resources

Chapter 3: Policies & Statements
Listed below are the following Board approved policies and statements:

  • Agency Policy and Procedures Committee
  • Appeals of Recipient Rights Complaint Findings and Dispute Resolution
  • Background Checks
  • Board Member Meeting Attendance
  • Board Member Per Diem and Travel Reimbursement
  • Compensated Absences Reserves
  • Complaint Investigation, Reports and Remediation
  • Contract Management
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Costing Principles
  • Credit Cards
  • Customer Rights Committee
  • Housing Subsidy - Limited Term Financial Assistance
  • Leases: Negotiations and Maintenance/ Repair
  • Parent Monitoring Program
  • Payment of Bills
  • Person-Centered Planning Process / Individual Plan of Service
  • Provider Registry Process
  • Provider Selection Process
  • Purchasing: Equipment and Supplies
  • Recipient Rights Protection System
  • Self-Determination
  • Wire Transfers and Cashier Checks

  • Accessibility Statement (CARF)
  • Board Self-Evaluation
  • Corporate Compliance Plan
  • Cultural Competency (CARF)
  • Financial Planning Statement (CARF)
  • Health and Safety Plan (CARF)
  • Human Resources Management (CARF)
  • Information Measurement and Management (CARF)
  • Legal Requirements Plan (CARF)
  • Marketing Code of Ethics (CARF)
  • Out-Come Based Evaluation System (CARF)
  • Performance Improvement (CARF)
  • Quality Improvement Plan
  • Reinvestment Plan
  • Rights of Persons Served (CARF)
  • Risk Management (CARF)
  • Technology
Click here for a PDF version of our Policies & Statements
Chapter 4: Mental Health Code
Mental Health Code
Act 258 of 1974

AN ACT to codify, revise, consolidate, and classify the laws relating to mental health; to prescribe the powers and duties of certain state and local agencies and officials and certain private agencies and individuals; to regulate certain agencies and facilities providing mental health or substance use disorder services; to provide for certain charges and fees; to establish civil admission procedures for individuals with mental illness, substance use disorder, or developmental disability; to establish guardianship procedures for individuals with developmental disability; to establish procedures regarding individuals with mental illness, substance use disorder, or developmental disability who are in the criminal justice system; to provide for penalties and remedies; and to repeal acts and parts of acts.

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