Michelle Measel-Morris

Michelle Measel-Morris

Support Services Director


Michelle Measel-Morris has been Data / Quality Management Support Services Director since 2017. As Data / Quality Management Support Services Director Ms. Measel-Morris is responsible for promoting continuous improvement in SCCCMH programs through quality assessment and performance improvement plan development and implementation.

Ms. Measel-Morris has been with SCCCMH since 2007, holding the positions of Supported Employment Specialist, Administrative Specialist, Administrative Coordinator, and Program Supervisor for Data and Quality Management. Prior to her employment with SCCCMH, Ms. Measel-Morris held positions with Lakeshore Public Schools and Port Huron Hospital.

Ms. Measel-Morris holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biological Anthropology, a Master of Arts Degrees in Environmental and Medical Anthropology, and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Medical Anthropology.

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