Dr. Mohammad Saeed

Dr. Mohammad Saeed

Medical Director


Dr. Mohammad Saeed has been Medical Director at SCCCMH since 2016. As Medical Director, Dr. Saeed is responsible for medical staff leadership, recruitment, training, supervision, and provision of quality clinical care, as well as providing direct care to individuals receiving services at SCCCMH. Beginning in 2014, Dr. Saeed was a consulting psychiatrist at SCCCMH.

Dr. Saeed has been in private practice in Port Huron since 1985 as well as holding positions with area organizations such as Port Huron Hospital and acting as a consulting psychiatrist for numerous area mental health organizations.

Dr. Saeed is a graduate of King Edward Medical College, holding both a Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery. He is Board Certified in Psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Board Certified in Geriatric Psychiatry, and Certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine.


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